Leading Life Coaching touches all aspects of Leadership; however we understand it can sometimes be difficult to put the challenges in a box. So, we have created a few catagories that can help you pin-point a little better where your focus might be.

Military Transitions
o Adapting to civilian life
o Overcoming Family stress
o Transferring your skills
o Finding you Career & Passion
o Getting Organized
o Dealing with Transitions
o Achieving Goals
o Stop the Feelings being Overwhelmed
Dreams & Aspirations
o Find how to dig up lost dreams
o Discover how to get started
o Create new dreams
o Get refocused
o Where to start?
o How to break it down
o Keeping on track
o Making the most of your time
    Purpose & Meaning in Life
o Finding what matters
o Getting back on track
o Spiritual journey
o Discovering what’s important

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