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Will you work with those who are not affected by ADD/ADHD?

Absolutely! Robert has been coaching for more than 10 years helping people through nearly aspect of life. Anyone is welcome no matter what your goal might be.

How does coaching work?

Your coach is your advocate. He or she helps you to focus on your future by helping to bring out your best. Each person has talents, gifts, passions and priorities in life.  You set your goals and with the assistance of your coach, determine how to get there. Coaching helps you to see the best in yourself and overcome those obstacles that have always seemed to block your way.

Is a Coach a counselor or psychologist?

No. Not every needs the in-depth consultation that counselors and/or psychologist provides. More of us just need that little push; the sounding board or someone to help us to come up with a plan to get out of a rut. Even so, your coach often can work in conjunction with your counselor to help you achieve the right direction you are looking for in life.

Why do you offer 6-12 session packages?

Coaching is not about the ‘quick-fix.” In fact, it is that “quick-fix” approach that coaching is helping overcome. It takes time to redirect a course and we want you to be a success. Purchasing a coaching package helps the client “hang in there” when reaching sticking points in the process. Coaching packages also provide discounts for clients.

Is coaching a lifelong commitment?

Everyone is different. The goal behind coaching is to get clients to where he or she recognizes their own path and are able to “self-coach” themselves.

Will I ever need to come back after I complete a coaching sessions package?

It is different for everyone. There are those who choose to continue and then other who we might never see again except to get an occasional thank you letter. Others may just want a check up or feel they might have got off track a little bit and want to come in for some insight.

What can a Life Coach help me with?

You name it. If you are going through a transitional time such as divorce or career change, need a fresh perspective on life or just trying to figure out what your strengths are and how to apply them in your career. The list is nearly endless as to how a coach can help.

How long is each session?

Sessions begin promptly at the agreed upon time and last 50 minutes.

I live a very busy life. Will you conduct coaching over the phone?

The majority of today’s coaching is delivered via technology. Coaching via the phone allows for flexibility and also opens the door to reach people no matter where they reside.

Am I the right fit for life coaching?

Ask yourself these basic questions:

  1. Am I willing to be teachable and work?
  2. Will I be reliable & timely on attending sessions?
  3. Am I willing to listen to my coach, considering new perspectives and ideas?
  4. Am I willing to be open and honest?
  5. Am I ready to throw away negative thoughts and/or behaviors?
  6. Do I have adequate funds for a coach?

If you answer a strong yes to these questions then you are ready.

How do I begin?

We will start with an initial consultation. The consultation allows the coach and client the opportunity to get to know one another and discuss a plan forward. Once both the client and coach agree that coaching is the right fit. Once both client and coach agree on the path forward, future sessions will be scheduled.

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