“You become like the people you hang around”

This quote came to mind this morning as I was having a conversation with a friend I had not spoken to in quite a while. Tricia was a person that I served with in a not-for-profit group that focused on the development of leaders in aviation manufacturing. She and I worked together on a lot of projects, training, and development events that provided hands-on leadership opportunities for leaders (and potential leaders) at all levels. Tricia was one  of those rare individuals who, when we got together a creative energy occurred that led to a plethora of even more incredible ideas.

The tendency for many is to make friends and acquaintances that are like themselves. Those with the same socio status or ideals befriend one another, and while there is nothing wrong with this, there is a danger  IF those we choose to spend most of our time with are not in line with or are not a positive force contributing to where we want to be one day.

For example, suppose you want to travel to other countries with a not-for-profit group helping children in need. Would you think surrounding yourself with people who have never been out of their hometown would be the right people to inspire you? Or would it be better to join a not-for-profit group that needs local help supporting those who are traveling to third-world countries educating children?

What if you have the desire to change careers? Would you find yourself getting closer to your career goal by hanging out with those from your current job or industry? Perhaps the better idea is to find people in the field you want to be one day and make them your regular dinner dates.

No matter what your goals or desires it is important to ensure you surround yourself with those who inspire, encourage and can be catalyst to where your inward desires are leading. You don’t have to abandon all of your current relationships; however it does require one to take inventory of their time, who they are spending it with and conducting an honest assessment as to whether or not they have moved closer or further from where they want to be one day.

Robert Simmons is the owner/operator of Living Life Coaching Services in the DFW area. For more information on how coaching can help you reach your goals email Robert at info@coachrobertsimmons.com


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