It is known that it is easier to get a job when you have a job. For millions of Americans they have found themselves without jobs and as a result, they are caught  in the downward swirl of desperately trying to swim to the top. To breakout from the pack and standout so potential employers will notice what you bring to the table you will have to do things that are out of the ordinary. You will also have to fight the negativity that tries to defeat you with the rejections that come with looking for that right career opportunity.

I wanted to share a few ideas on how to be different as well as a few pointers on fighting the feeling of defeat. Share with me your thoughts and ideas on how to be successful in today’s economy when it comes to standing out and finding a career.



Many job seekers are great at applying for jobs especially since it is so easy to do on-line. They will put in 20-30 resumes a day and feel like they have put forth a solid effort in job hunting; however that is not necessarily true.

 The true effort comes with the follow up. It is imperative, if you want to stand out, to follow up with each and every resume you submit. That requires the job seeker to keep a list of every company, the position applied for, the date and any research information such as POC’s, in a file. Send follow up letters and make phone calls. You have to show you are more interested than the hundreds of other people who want that same position.



If you are in a two-income family it is easy to get comfortable with the other person’s income. The sense of urgency might not be there because you are “making it.” The problem with this is that over time the effort required to beat out the competition dwindles and what you thought would be a few months of unemployment has turned into a year or more.

If you are in a position where you have a little cushion with another salary, appreciate it, but don’t lose your passion. Hit each day as if they are coming to take your house and car if you don’t get some income rolling in.



Do you have a MBA? PhD? Have you been a manager or executive? If so, there is a tendency to hold out for a position equal to the previous job held. With so many degreed job seekers in the market today, this could be a devastating move. While you might think going from a manager to an individual contributor will ruin your resume, being unemployed is much more damaging.

If you are a leader you will eventually rise back to the top. Your skills, experience and abilities will be noticed. And remember…we are talking about it being easier to get a job if you have one! You can still keep networking for that right position even though you might not be in the perfect situation.



People in Hollywood do this all of the time. When their brand wears out, they take a time-out and come back reinvented. What that might look like for the person seeking a job will be a new resume professionally written, it could mean a new hairstyle and clothing. Perhaps you need to work on your elevator speech, telling your story differently.

 Bottom-line, if what you’re doing isn’t working change it!



Step back from your searching. What type jobs are you applying for? Is it so narrowly focused that you are limiting your options? Think about what all you are looking for in a career and then take the time to research careers that fit those elements. You might discover something new that will be the perfect fit.



A great way to fill the “unemployment” gap on your resume to “currently employed” is with your own business. For most the first thought is “I can’t afford to start a business! I’m broke and unemployed!” Hold that thought.

Do you have a hobby/trade that could make money? If you have a lawnmower and weed eater you can start a lawn care business. Even if you just have one account, it’s a business. Can you afford a mop, bucket and some rags? Find a friend’s home or local business that needs cleaning, and amazingly you have yourself a cleaning company. Perhaps you’re a handyman and do odd and end jobs for friends or family. Call it a business!


Finding the right career and breaking out of the unemployment line is about being creative and staying persistent. While it is a tough job market, it’s not impossible. To stand out one has to stand up and dare to be different. 

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