Fuel, Oxygen and Heat. This is what they call the fire triangle. When these three things are present you have a formula to start and sustain an intense fire! Whether a roaring camp fire or a destructive building. As long as the three of these are holding hands, nothing can stop them from consuming everything in sight!

Likewise, knowing these three elements are helpful when it comes to putting a fire out. Take any one out of the equation and the sustainment is quickly quenched. Cool a fire down, it will go out. Take the Oxygen away and it can no longer survive. If there is nothing to burn, well there is nothing burning. Kick a leg out from the tripod and the burning falls by the wayside.

Did you know that the same triangle is true for the Christian?



  • The fuel of a Christian’s life is the gifts that God has given him. Every believer has a gift. Teaching, music, finances, business, speaking, preaching, prayer and the list goes on. These gifts when used for the glory of God’s Kingdom is like wood. The more we use them the bigger and more intense the fire that burns.


  • God breathes the oxygen into the fire that burns in our lives. When we unpack the gifts the spirit of God blows his breath on the embers. Even if we do not believe we are that good or feel as though our effectiveness is less than it should be, when God fans the flames of our obedience there is no limit to the heights the flames will reach.


  • The heat is a result of the fuel and oxygen; it keeps the fire intense and going. Those who come in the presence of the fire can feel the heat. They are warmed; comforted. No one has to ask if there is a fire burning, the heat tells them something is going on. Those who want comfort will be attracted to the warmth. Those who are afraid will run. When the Christian sees the affects of his or her gift, the heat intensifies and the fire burns hotter!

The enemy knows this truth about the Christian Fire Triangle

When the enemy attacks the focus is on putting out the fire source. If he can get one or more of the legs of the tripod knocked out he knows the Christian will fall.

  • THE ATTACK: Satan will tell us we are not good at what God has called us to do. He will tell us we are failures; that we fall short. Constant reminders of our shortcomings will plague our mind. The past will be on the forefront of his attacks while the future will be made out to be unrealistic.
  • He will send people and situations to make us doubt ourselves. He will attack the confidence that God has given us. A critical boss or a negative friend. Being let go from a job or even asked to step down from a church position.
  • He is trying to keep you and I from using our gifts through discouragement.
  • FAN THE FLAME BY using your gift. When attacked with doubt or by nay-sayers, let that be the FUEL that drives you to use it even more. Find ways to develop and grow within your giftedness. Go to school, find a mentor or coach or sign up as a volunteer. The more you use it the more it grows and better it gets! Know that Satan has recognized your strength and is wanting to take it away!


  • THE ATTACK: How does Satan extinguish the oxygen of God on our lives? He will tempt us to compromise. Sin can enter our lives and hinder our prayers. People will be introduced to us who might draw us away from God’s purpose and plan.
  • Busyness can suck the breath of God from us. Not setting time to pray, meditate and be thankful slowly takes away what breathes life into our joy and purpose. Being too busy to spend time with God is Satan’s way of making us feel justified for not talk to God.
  • Choosing your friends carefully. The wrong people will lead us down the wrong roads. A compromise here and another there, next thing we know we are further from God that we ever imagined. Be a choosy friend.
  • Choosing where you hangout. Where we go and what we expose our families to will impact our choices. Don’t get the God sucked out of you by being in the wrong place. Learn to say no and say it often. Desire God’s best.
  • Choose your time with God. Scheduling devotional time without technology. Start small with maybe 10 minutes or so. Keep it simply by having a Thank You God, Request of God and Reading of a Scripture. If time permits work in a few moments of where you say nothing at all, but sit quietly to reflect on what you are hearing or have just read.


  • THE ATTACK: Cool that Christian down! Tell her she needs to be a little quieter. “You are coming across arrogant and prideful” they will say. Knowing you’re a good teacher they won’t ask because they want you to back off a little. Being overlooked on purpose; anything to discourage the believer and make them back down will be occur.
  • The discouraged believer will back off into the background. If not careful they will begin to believe the lies and drift through life never experiencing God’s best.
  • FAN THE FLAME BY living life loud! Find every opportunity to use your gift and share it with others. If an organization doesn’t want your gift then find one that does. When one door shuts, find another to open. God gave you a gift to use so use it. In a big way or little. If you are a writer, write! Musician? Play that instrument when and wherever you can! Are you good with children? Find places in and out of the church to serve and minister to the little kiddos. Get busy!

When Paul said “Fan” that is an action word. It means that you and I are should take action. Things are not going to drop in our laps. We have to put forth effort to start the fire and keep it going.


“…I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power, love, and self-control.” II Timothy 1:6

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