Today I walked from the parking garage to my office building in Dallas. The streets I walked was less than a mile from the tragic ambush where Dallas officers were murdered last Thursday. For most of us headed into the office it was the first time back since the shootings since most of the area was locked down from the incident.

As I headed my way down the street I met up with some of the DPD and thanked them for protecting us. I passed an African American man with whom we both smiled and said Good Morning. I walked into the building where our normal doorman had his usual smile and a pleasant greeting that is always different, an African American. I stopped by for my usual morning coffee and a muffin on the second floor and had my usual conversation with the lady who warms my breakfast, a sweet Hispanic lady. Within the brief journey from my car to the conference room I came in contact with half a dozen different ethnic individuals, all friendly, and smiling, but also still bewildered with unbelief at what occurred just a few days ago in our streets.

As I sat in the conference awaiting my colleagues I thought about the few blocks I walked today. It was a bit different; I was more aware of those I met than usual. My thoughts took me back to a lesson a Marine Corps officer once taught me. He said, “You have to believe in your people and understand that most people want to do good. Most want to do the right thing.”

None of us are going to stop the media from skewing stories to gain viewers, promote their agenda or to create animosity. What I have to understand is that those who live in hate; those who wish ill will toward others, they are not the majority. In fact, their numbers are few in comparison. They have a platform called the media who is able to use their magic to make a bee hive look like a Biblical plague. But that is not the case.

America is at a crossroad, but it goes much deeper than any kind of #_______ lives matter (you fill in the blank). The hashtag for us should all be ‪#‎soulsmatter‬. It is a spiritual awakening we need. Our nation has experienced such blessings and abundance for so long we actually believe we don’t need God. We even believe that we ourselves generated the great wealth and blessings we have today. Our nation is experiencing blessings of those who sacrificed lives and much more on our behalf. Leaders who had a vision for this great nation went through much sacrifice and took us through hard-times to allow us to enjoy the harvest we have had for many years now. But there is one thing we must not forget. Though none were perfect; all had their flaws, but at the root of their soul and the ultimate drive that led them to endure was a faith based on God, the one true God.

At this crossroad in our nation’s journey we are at a great place. I say great because there is an opportunity to make a change. The majority of Americans want to do what is right; they want to do the right thing. The state of our nation has brought an awakening that we do indeed need God. More call to prayer has occurred this past week since 9/11. Americans hit their knees asking God to change the course of our people.

God promises that if His people (not those who don’t believe or “bad people”) turn from their wrong ways, and call on him, that He will indeed heal their country and put them back on the right track.

America is the land of opportunity, but it is not the opportunity of wealth and prosperity this time. It is the opportunity to turn our nation back over to God. A people wanting to do the right thing and then DOING the right thing. What an opportunity to see God protect what He has given us and do something that will place the world in awe of our country once again. What an opportunity!dallas

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