How many of you remember when Roller Derby was popular? I recall growing up watching Roller Derby events on television on Saturday evenings. It was a rough sport that involved a lot of bumps, bruises and bad tempers. Whether it was all real or just a version of the WWF on wheels didn’t matter; it was fun to watch and took a lot of endurance to pull off even if it was an act.

There was one maneuver that was always fun to watch and when conducted successfully, took a losing team to the winner’s circle. That maneuver was called The Slingshot. The Slingshot meant one skater was  teaming up with another, using their momentum and strength coming out of a curve slinging the one skater out in front across the finish line for a win! It was exciting to see and when done correctly there was nothing the opposing team could do but watch.

It is no secret that life can often be like the Roller Derby. We seemingly have things that are constantly trying to block, knock, and kick us down. Sometimes we fall by our own doing while other times those outside obstacles that we don’t see coming take us out for a flip over the rail. Emotionally we are bruised and exhausted having lost our desire to keep going, none-the-less win.

While we can’t always avoid the bumps and bruises of life, we can learn from our Roller Derby friends by using the Slingshot as a way to get back on the floor and across the finish line. If you and I want to get back on top we have to have that special someone who will take us by the hand, pull us out of the curve that life has thrown our way and sling us back out front. People like this can’t be selfish by wanting to be the ones who have to be first and get all of the glory, but instead are more interested about your success rather than their own. When we find someone like this we need to hang on and allow them to take us to new heights.

Who is your Slingshot partner? It might be your spouse, a special friend, counselor or coach. Perhaps you don’t have anyone at this point who is willing to take you to a win. I want to encourage you today to start looking for that special person who can help you get where you want to be. The truth is we can’t go it alone. NO ONE HAS EVER DONE ANYTHING GREAT ALONE. We were created for fellowship and to encourage one another.  The Slingshot is your secret weapon for success so join hands with someone and enjoy the ride!

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