Riding the Storm Out…or not?

For you old school rockers out there, when you see the words “Riding the Storm Out” I’m sure memories of REO Speedwagon and stories you never want your children to hear, come to mind.

In life we all go through times where the storms are swirling all around us. Layoffs, loss of a loved one, financial challenges or any other plethora of things that can bring bad weather to our lives happens. One lesson I learned a long time ago was to be careful about making major decisions during one of life’s storms.

One of the main reasons we should not make huge decisions during stormy seasons is we most often have knee jerk reactions that are based on emotions and not facts. For example a boss gives a bad report and the person says, “I quit” without thinking about the consequences. When we act out of emotional response, rarely does it turn out good. So the best advice is to Ride the Storm Out and let the winds subside before determining our next move.

Having said that, there may come a time where we need to make a move. Many people sit and watch the storm brew, see it coming, but do nothing to take cover. The picture in this post reminds me of such a person. The man is just sitting on a bench as if nothing is going on while he should be preparing for what’s ahead.

There are many reasons people see trouble on the horizon, but do nothing to prepare for it. Fear often freezes a person because they don’t know where to run. The storm seems so big they are like an opossum in the road staring at the headlights; stunned and waiting for impact. Other times people are in denial of what they see. There is a belief the storm will blow around them, even when the rain is starting to pelt them in the head, the person remains determined to believe they won’t be affected by what they are seeing.

So how do we know when to Ride the Storm Out or when to take cover?

While we all wish we had some kind of magical ball that could tell us what’s around the corner, there just isn’t any absolutes. We have to make the best decision at the moment with the information that is before us. Here are a few tips on how to do a little weather forecasting to determine if that storm is headed your way.

Bones Do Lie

  • Some people swear they can tell when it is going to rain because their bones begin to ache. While this is a truism, it isn’t 100 percent.
  • Like achy bones, we can’t always go off our “feelings.” Feelings lie to us. They cause us to play head-games with ourselves that result in regretted actions.
  • Don’t go off feelings alone.


Are You Looking at the Extended Forecast 

  • The extended forecast gives us a prediction of what is coming, but not absolutes. If we are getting the achy bone symptoms, then we need to look at the extended forecast, what is on the horizon, but be careful. That wind can blow in most any direction and you could end up running right into the very storm you wanted to avoid!


Is There a Sudden Change in Temperature

  • When a storm is about to hit there is most often a sudden change in the temperature. Things get cold!
  • This is a good sign we need to start preparing for what’s coming. If there are signs in your life, whatever the situation, that you are experiencing noticeable changes that you can absolutely say, “this is out of the ordinary…something is up,” then you probably need to check the pantries to ensure you have enough bread and water to weather what is ahead.


Are You Seeing Cows

  • It might be too late if you are seeing cows fly by! Yes, when the wind is blowing around you, the job is gone, the relationship is busted or the bank account is zero, the cows are flying.
  • The good news is that you are still seeing and not part of the debris flying around; there is still time to take cover. Don’t go Opossum and just stand there…run! Get busy taking cover so that when the storm passes you’re in a situation to rebuild and start over. It’s not too late. Just wake up and get rocking!

What is on the horizon in your life that you’ve been ignoring? Is there something that you have been in denial about because you don’t want to deal with it? What actions can you take today to be better prepared for what is ahead?

 Proverbs 22:3 A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

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