Leadership by Word of Mouth

It happens to all of us at some point. We find ourselves enslaved to the desk. Like a ball-and-chain we sit and outside a nuclear attack we remain there 10 hours later.

Leadership is about interaction and being engaged. Corporations want all of their employees engaged; however what is often overlooked (or ignored) is that employees want engaged leaders as well.

Leaders who stay chained to spreadsheets, emails, or sending task all day have to rely on others to tell them about the performance of others. While delegation is a leaders best friend, when it comes to measuring performance it should not be determined by hear-say especially if the leader has influence in the success or failure of a person.

Proverbs 18:27, “The first to plead his case seems right, Until another comes and examines him.”

When someone else is providing information it can be skewed. It could be someone playing favorites for a friend or trying to shutdown a threat. Survival in the work place can be viscous and if leaders lead from the office they will make bad decisions if they base them on what others are saying.

I have spoken to leaders at all levels who regretted firing an employee or worse, ruining their career because they went off what they were being told. When the so-called problem employee was let go the leader discovered they were the one making the difference and the person with misinformation? Well, they were the one who brought little value to the mission.

No matter how busy, a leader has no viable excuse for not engaging those they lead. If you walk out on the floor and employees are shocked to see you or worse, don’t know who you are, there might be a problem.

It’s not leadership without relationship. Good leaders engage making decisions on facts, not hear-say & opinions from informants.

Don’t be a leader who regrets getting rid of someone who was making a difference. Engage by experiencing what your people experience. Know their challenges, efforts and accomplishments. Don’t lead by word of mouth, but by show of presence.

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