You are One of a Kind

A couple of weeks ago I was headed home from work after a long day at the office. It was nearing dusk and as I was driving along Interstate 20 headed west toward home the bright orange sky caught my eye.  It was so captivating that I pulled out my phone to take a few pictures.  As I sat at my exit waiting on the traffic light the sky was rapidly changing. The beautiful art on the canvass of the sky was almost as if God’s hand was painting right before me. It was not long, I had hardly driven through the stop light when the bright orange was gone and darkness covered the horizon.

While I continued home I thought about the sky and how rapidly it had changed and then my thoughts quickly switched to the hundreds of people driving west on I-20 who was riding right along beside me, but had not seen the sky. Some were on cell phones, others radio’s playing their favorite songs and yet others were simply in a hurry to get home from a long day’s work. One thing all had in common was they were going so fast in a hurry to do whatever it was they had to do that they missed what was occurring right before their eyes.  

Did you know that your life is like the sky I saw that day? Your life is living art that is as unique and special as the clouds that form every day, never to be copied. You are one of a kind. Too often though we are all like the busy people going down the interstate and we miss the beauty of our lives and just how special we are. Each moment you and I live is just like the orange colors that changed before my eyes that day; each moment passes, never to be relived. Every minute we breathe is valuable and should be cherished as a blessing.

After I got home that day I pulled up my Facebook to find a pleasant surprise. One of my Marine buddies had posted the same beautiful horizon that had captivated my eye. It was encouraging to know that someone else had seen the beauty of the moment. He had been sitting out behind his house taking snapshots and beneath each shot he had the words spread out, “Going” “Going” “Gone.”

Our lives are but a vapor. We should live each and every moment to the fullest, being a shining light on the highway of life. It is important to slow down, but down the cell phone, turn off the television, stop surfing the net, and take a step back to recognize just how special we are. The truth is whether we are 3 or 103, the words beneath each day that passes has written beneath them, “Going” “Going” and one day the word “Gone” will be written. I don’t know about you but when the word Gone is written I want to know that I squeezed all I could out of life, making a difference wherever I went in the lives of whoever I met.

Here’s to living life to the fullest and making the most out of each horizon! Cheers!

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