Over the years of Coaching, Mentoring and Teaching I have found one resounding thing to be true, people want to be understood. Your friends & family do not always want to be right nor do they want to win, but one the one thing that frustrates them the most is the feeling of someone not understanding where they are coming from.

While some of you are probably saying, “Yes! That is so true!” my readers who are ADD are screaming, jumping and probably have tears in their eyes! In every coaching situation with my clients with ADD there is one common thread that stands out and that is they do not feel as though people understand what he or she is going through.

I can remember my son when he was somewhere around the age of eight years old seeing a commercial for a medical drug for ADD. While I can’t recall the specifics the commercial showed a person with his thoughts going in 50 different directions. My son excitedly jumped up, pointed at the screen and screamed, “That’s me! That is how I feel!” What was he saying? He was trying to communicate to his parents that no one understood why he couldn’t focus, why he forgot to clean his room two minutes after being told, and all of the other “why’s” that was asked of him every day!

As much as my Coaching entails helping those with ADD find their way to success I also assist those who live in the environment of ADD. It is amazing to see the parent who has been wondering why his or her child has been doing what they are doing finally discover the “why” they have been asking. The husband who thought ADD was just an excuse finally understanding that his wife is not being disresptectful or doesn’t care has helped save marriages! Helping parents, spouse, friends and coworkers understand ADD is as important as working with the person with ADD. In fact in almost every situation my clients at some point say something to the affect of, “Can you please talk to my _______ about how I am?”

If you have a family member or friend who struggles with ADD and you find yourself struggling with their struggle, coaching can be a huge benefactor. Your ADD loved one just wants to be understood and they may not know how to explain what goes on in their brain. Like my son all they can do is point and say, “There! That’s how I feel!” He or she knows you will be frustrated with their ways, they know there will be moments where you don’t know what to do, but one thing they want to be assured of is that YOU, the one they need the most, UNDERSTANDS.

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