Road Construction, who likes it? No one I would imagine. Throughout most any city, especially growing metropolises like Atlanta Georgia or Dallas/Ft Worth Texas you can’t go too far without driving into some sort of traffic jam because of roads being repaired, expanded or redirected.

While we have all uttered words of discontentment while being delayed to our ultimate destination, there is something everyone must admit. No matter how much of a pain it might be to run into construction, rarely does anyone complain about the end result! That’s right; when the roads are open, the freshly laid asphalt is under the tires and traffic is flowing through better than ever before, it seems as if everyone forgets the months or sometimes years of the inconveniences that were experienced. In fact words of excitement come out as commuters roll through the well routed paths to their destination.

As much as this is true for our road travels the same is true as we commute through life. Everyone, you and me, have aspects of our life that needs work, but few of us relish the idea of tearing up the ground and doing the work required. In fact I have found that most people will do everything they can to find alternate routes when it comes time to face the fact the pot-holes and poorly directed paths need attention.  Of all the people I have coached or mentored  it isn’t the person’s lack of ability to reach his or her goal that get in the way, but it is their lack of  willingness to do the work and make the sacrifices required that leave them traveling down the same old dusty trail.

If you are looking to fill in a few of your life’s pot-holes or are seeking  a new direction, keeping the below in mind as you go on your journey will help you from getting side tracked and on the right paths.

Where to Work

Realizing where the pot-holes in our lives are helps us know where to focus our efforts. Many people go through life allowing the winds of the daily demand direct them. Those who take the time to frequently survey their life road map are able to ensure their journey continues smoothly and stay on the best route to get where they want to go.

Develop a Plan

Sometimes it is more than pot-holes needing repair, but instead we need a whole new direction! To know where we are going it is important to look at where we have been, where we are and where we want to go. Without a good plan the chances of getting to that desired destination will not happen. Start today by taking some time to dream and put down on paper the “what” and the “how.” Keep these dreams where you can see them every day and make a commitment to do something each day that will put you one step closer.

It Takes Time

It is important to remember that changing direction takes time. Digging down into our lives, the emotions and feelings are not always pleasant. Getting in touch with our inner selves is a slow process so prepare yourself to be in for the long haul. There will be moments when we don’t like what we see or we might believe the journey is too big to be achieved. Take your time and enjoy the journey, but don’t quit just because your plans take a little more time than you would like.

Expect Delays

Like in any project there are always the unexpected delays. We might get into our efforts and find out we miscalculated or need to change direction. Perhaps there is an area that needs a little more work than we thought. This is all okay; don’t let it discourage you. Expect the unexpected and it will keep you moving forward to the ultimate destination. When you get to a place in your life that takes a little extra work, then you know you are doing something right! We all know the old saying, “no pain, no gain.” The same is true when you want to do something new in life. If it is easy you probably are not being serious enough about who you are and where you need to be.

Frequent the Blueprints

There is one thing that every successful project leader does and that is to keep the blueprints out in front of him or her. The most important piece of staying on track is ensuring we keep our end goals and how we plan on getting there in front of us every day. Use post-its, quotes, pictures or whatever helps remind you of where you are going to motivate along the way.

Most important is to have fun along the way. There is so much for us in this life and the trip can be exciting if we keep the right perspective! Enjoy the journey! www.coachrobertsimmons.com www.dfwlifesolutions.com

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