I have been living in the world of ADD for more than 24 years now. Through the years I have made a lot of observations along the way. One thing I have found is that most people focus on the challenges. We all hear the story’s of the kids who can’t sit still, the mom’s who can’t accomplish anything around the house or the dad who has trouble balancing the checkbook.

When I coach those with ADD one of the first things I tell them is that ADD is like dynamite. Dynamite is very dangerous and destructive if it is not understood. However it is a very powerful tool & useful when it is understood and used in the right way.

I want to take a moment to take a look at the benefits of ADD. Benefits? Yes!!! Those who have ADD are incredibly blessed and gifted! In fact when the person with ADD learns to harness their giftedness they can be someone who accomplishes incredible things in life!

Taking Off!

Many people have trouble getting an idea off the ground. Not the person with ADD. In general they love a challenge and thrive off the adventure of starting something new. If you are a person in the business world who is looking to get a project off the ground or some other kind of start up, find someone with ADD who is business savvy. They will get the job done!


While it is true that the ADDer has the tendency to take on too much, with the right coaching & development those tendencies can be turned into multi-tasking on steroids! The ADDer brain is always changing and is stimulated by that change. Switching gears is often an invited and needed change of pace.

Sense of Humor

Most of those who I know with ADD could make a living by being comedians! These are generally the people who are the life of the party! As kids they are known as class clowns. If anyone can brighten someone’s day they can!

A Big Ole Heart

I have spoken to many parents of students who have ADD and just about everyone has at least one comment in common, “He (She) is such a caring person.” The adults I know sometimes come across as having strong personalities; while others are more reserved, but each one will pour open a bucket love for almost anyone in their life when the rubber meets the road.

Problem Solvers

Figuring it out is a gift of those with ADD. Their minds can quickly analyze a situation and without statistical analysis, calling a meeting with half the company or spending a month to observe a process, he or she knows what to do.

Color Outside the Lines

Those with ADD do not color inside the lines, or as the overused expression goes,  they operate outside the box. Creative ADDers are great for a team or as individuals when something needs to be taken outside the norm and taken to a new level.

Those are just a few of the benefits of being an ADDer. It’s a gift not a curse. God created each person the way HE wanted him or her. It is a challenge for everyone, whether we have ADD or not, to figure out how our gifts add value in this world.

My hat is off to those who don’t just let life pass them by, but do everything possible to find their purpose through their own design.  Then, as they are discovering who they are, engage life by helping others find their way.

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