Success By Mistake

Often when I am talking to a client he or she will ask me what led me to become a Professional Coach. My answer is easy, “By Mistake.”  That sounds like a strange answer coming from someone who helps people become purposeful with each day of their life, but once I explain it makes more sense.

I have made a lot of mistakes in my life and, if all of us were to be honest, everyone has. Making mistakes and bad choices are a part of life. When we are children making a mistake might mean we end up on some kind of restriction. When we become adults the consequences have a tendency to have a much larger impact on our lives. Either way, we all have to come face-to-face with our actions and how they impact our future. My pastor has said before, “We make our choices, but choices choose our consequences.” I add one piece of philosophy to that thought.

We can’t choose our consequences, but we can choose how that consequence affects the rest of our life.


You see, we have a choice with what we do next. You and I can either let our mistakes take us down or…we can let them take us to success by using them as building blocks. That is right! Instead of living in the pain of “What if I hadn’t…” take yourself to a whole new place by saying, “I did this…I can’t change it, so how can I make it a positive?”

One of the best ways to bounce back from mistakes is to discover a way to help others who have struggled in the same area. Who else better to give advice than someone who has successfully traveled the road? Take your life lessons and help someone either avoid or get through those difficult times. Whether your mistakes involve business, relationships, personal struggles, or something else there is someone who needs to know how to get through. They need to see someone who has succeeded and made a comeback. Do you remember when you went through your struggle? That time period is like a fog. People need someone who will be that small ray of hope in their life and that someone just might be you!

How did I become a Coach? By Mistake and lots of them! I traveled life’s journey just like the rest of you; some things I have done well while at other times I have been a total Buffoon! There is no greater joy in the world to be able to sit across the room or on the phone with someone and know exactly what he or she is going through. To be able to offer a smile and let someone who believes life is over because of a choice that has been made see that their moment is just a hiccup in the big picture is beyond what words can describe. When a client knows that I am not shocked and don’t believe they are a “bad person” there is a sigh of relief. It is the key that opens the door for new beginnings.

What about you? Have you allowed mistakes to keep you down? How can your life experiences help someone else?  You never know, but the rest of your own life’s success and joy could be all wrapped in finding it By Mistake!

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