The Wizard of Oz, what a classic! Munchkins, good and bad witch’s, lions and tigers and bears! Kind of like life itself, the good, bad and the ugly! When Dorothy’s house flew into Munchkinland and she began her journey there was one piece of advice she was given as she was sent off to find her way to the Emerald City to get the help of the Wizard of Oz, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.”

Like Dorothy, many times in life we find ourselves trying to get back home. We have somehow found ourselves lost realizing we aren’t in Kansas anymore. We might be off track spiritually, with our health, weight, business goals, relationally or a plethora of other things in life. The point is we are not where we once were and need to get back.

There is a Yellow Brick Road for everything. Saying that another way, there is a path, method or process. For the Christian there is the Bible; the person who is overweight there are routines & programs or for the businessperson there is the business plan. The problem is not always knowledge or having a template, but for most of us the challenge is sticking to the Yellow Brick Road!

Things get hard, we lose faith in the process, the results are not what we were looking for or are not happening fast enough. For whatever reason we get on the plan, do it for awhile, something happens and we go back to doing things our own way. Why is this? Why do we go back to doing what we were doing before, which more than likely got us in the situation in the first place? Why can’t we just trust the process?

Now that is the million dollar question, right? While I can’t give the perfect answer, I can share a few realizations that we must embrace in order to find the Emerald City and get back home. Are you ready?

Your Slippers are Your Slippers

It is your dream, your goal, your journey. The wicked witch wanted to take Dorothy’s slippers from her, but no matter how many flying monkeys she sent, the shoes remained on Dorothy. The fact was later discovered that the shoes power was only good while they were on Dorothy; if they were removed so was the magic.

Your dream is your dream. It is specific to you and has a purpose. There may be those who don’t quite get what you are doing or who will try to draw you off track, but always remember this is not their dream. You have to be doing it for you (and maybe Toto).

Key: Ask yourself why you are on this journey, write the answer down and post it where you will read it every morning, afternoon and evening. It will keep you focused and centered on moving forward.

Your Success will Encourage Others

Dorothy discovered along the way friends who could help her get to where she was going. Not only did she need them and their encouragement, but they needed her too.

There will be people who can help you get to your goal. These are the people you need to surround yourself with; Encouragers, those who have struggled like you, those who are truly excited to see you succeed and share your vision. They have gifts and talents that will shore up your weaknesses. But also remember that along this journey you are inspiring others; some of who you have no idea is watching. Not one of us who struggle, struggle alone.

Key: Whatever your challenge you can be guaranteed there are dozens around you who struggle with the same challenges. Your persistence and ability to push through is needed to be seen by them. They need to know it can be done and you are that person. You are not doing for them, but realizing your success is inspiring someone else can be what you need to keep you going.

It’s Not Magic

There is no magic in being successful. When you start your journey you will find a lot of things that will try to take you off track. Dorothy was looking for someone or something magical, but in the end she found out that the Wizard was just a person, no more powerful than anyone else.

At the end of the day we must realize that it takes work and sacrifice to gain anything that is worth having or achieving in life. When we look at other people’s success it may seem as though they got it easy, but rarely is this true. We don’t see what goes on behind the scenes of other people’s lives so never use someone else’s success as a measurement for your own.

Key: Focus on the task and don’t let fantasies of “easy money” or diet pills that make you lose the fat while you sleep suck you in. It will take time and work. Accepting this truth on the front end will help you realize your goal on the backend.

Running Away Was The Problem All Along

When Dorothy awoke from her dream she realized that she had never left home. What caused all of her woes? She was running away from her problems. Things were not going her way and she took matters into her own hands. If she had not runaway she would have never been bonked in the head!

When we quit we are running. When we abandon our dream, we are running. When we chase after this get rich scheme or that easy weight loss drink, we are running. When we avoid those hard conversations with family or business partners, we are running. When things get hard, don’t go the way we want them to or whatever has caused us to get off track, we should never run away from the challenge of getting back on track.

Key: It is time to get back on track and it starts with facing your struggle face-to-face. This is the only way home. Are you tired of getting bonked in the head yet?

Thoughts…share them below and keep striving for the dream!

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