HEARTToday marks two years since the day my world was rocked with a full-blown heart attack. Healthy, exercising and eating right did not matter when coming face to face with heredity. Literally seconds from death as skilled physicians worked diligently to get stints in place changed my life forever.

There are several lessons I have taken away from that day. It is not just the experience itself either as I am continually reflecting I discover something new that enlightens me on who I am or how I have been strategically placed in the world to make a difference. Our encounters, experiences, people we meet, challenges, victories and life in general are all for a reason. They prepare us for greater things ahead. The difference is how we respond to what occurs in our life.

Tragic events like mine are not meant for bad, they just happen. If we respond properly they can be eye-openers; life changers. We can be strengthened through adversity. When we are knocked down we have a choice. Either we stay and lay or we fight and reignite.

Since January 17, 2015 I have made a lot of changes as my focus in life shifted. Not all the changes came at once; it is a journey. I learn something or have a new revelation, and I implement it into my life. It is like going through mini-discoveries as I continue to learn about myself and apply new principles and concepts. Some changes come easier than others, but none the less it is important to continue moving forward.

If I were to pass along one concept to share that continues to be a theme in my life, and there are several, it would be to find out what is important to you and make it a priority. Today we have a lot pulling and tugging at us from all sides. Text, emails, media, kids, wife, husband, boss, bills, and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately most will get to the end of their journey only to discover they were never in charge and instead were led here and there without ever discovering their God-given purpose in life. Defining that purpose is critical and then making it center stage of everything else is where life gets traction. Don’t try to fit what you are passionate about around everything else. Take charge of your life; you only have one and it is yours to lead.

What is your purpose? Have you asked yourself that question?

Take out a pen and some paper. Start writing down what comes to mind and then prioritize. After you have done so, look at your calendar. See if your activities embrace your priorities. If not, it is time to delete some things out so you can make room for what truly matters in your life! You may have to say no to some good things so that you can say yes to a few GREAT things! That is okay…that is what you want to do.

Let me hear from you in the section below. It is always nice to learn from my followers and their journey.

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