The Evening Cafe with Coach Robert: THE LOST ART OF SMILING!

Spend any amount of time around a baby and you will discover that babies are all about smiling. This is a good thing because adults are all about making babies smile! Just watch any adult who walks up to a baby; they don’t even have to know the parents. The first thing they do is make silly faces, talk in a voice never heard before and do a goofy dance amongst a crowded room, all in the effort to get a giggle.

There is something about a smile that is infectious. Walk down the hall at work with a smile and watch how many people’s faces change. Even when you are out in the community, put a smile on and see how many expressions instantly brighten.

Most of us are well aware that a smile can change our attitude and the mood of others, yet many times we walk around in never-never-land, expressionless with whatever is twirling through our mind. It seems we have lost the important Art of Smiling.

To rediscover the Art of Smiling let’s take a few LESSONS FROM A BABY


    • When a toddler bumps his head generally adults have two responses. 1) Rub the wound and 2) start laughing and acting goofy. The lesson for us is that bumps in life do hurt; however we should address the knock on the noggin, but put a smile back on our face as soon as possible. A smile is the greatest cure for any of life’s pain.


    • When was the last time someone peaked around the corner of your office to say “Hi” and you started to giggle? Probably never, but to a baby peaking around the corner and saying most anything humors them into a diaper-wetting-experience.
    • The Art of Smiling comes only when we learn to laugh at the little things in life. We have to find the humor and laughter throughout the day. Maybe it’s something someone says, an unexpected response or just something out of the ordinary. Whatever strikes you funny, learn to laugh in the moment no matter how small.


    • One thing about a baby is they are carefree! Nope, not a worry in the world. If they want to sing, they sing; hear a song and want to dance, there are some dance moves coming on. If they just pooped themselves, they have no problem letting people know there’s an issue down below. They just don’t care.
    • Too often we adults let life get too serious. Everything has to be business like. Keeping order in the home gets taken overboard. We need to learn to let a few things go and most importantly we need to learn to laugh at ourselves. When we laugh at our blunders then we loosen up. When we loosen up others are more comfortable around us.


    • The best way to get your smile on is to help other people get their smile on! As I mentioned in my introduction, as you walk through your day do the Smile Experiment! Put a smile on your face and see how many people’s day you change. Doing the Smile Experiment will be so much fun that you’ll want to do it wherever you go. People will also change their perspective of you…they will say things like, “That guy is always happy!” Talk about being a people attractor!

 * LOL

    • We use the LOL letters many times a day in written communication, but how many of use truly Laugh Out Loud? Why keep something you find humorous to yourself…let it go. Learn to do a good old belly busting laugh out loud! Enjoy the funny moments to the fullest! Your LOL will make someone else day be worth a LOL!


    • You and I are unique beings; there is no one else like you. The contribution your existence brings to the world can’t be duplicated. The qualities you bring those around you, your family, friends, work peers and even strangers has an impact on their life. Take the time to appreciate who you are and that you are indeed special. 

Learn The Art of Smiling and watch your world change for the good. Sometimes life tries to rob us of our smile, but with some practice we can indeed turn that frown upside down! LOL! 

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