Do you like suspense movies? Good on you if you do, but for me they slap stress me out! Nothing drives me crazier than to watch an unsuspecting victim making a decision that is obviously going to mean his or her demise! I have to leave the room until the suspense is over because for me what is around the corner is so obvious I can’t handle the stupidity of the person for not seeing the obvious! I mean come on, really? Everyone knows that you shouldn’t go into the bathroom if it’s lightening, raining and a window is mysteriously found open! There is someone always in the bathroom! Don’t go in there!

Granted, this is Hollywood, but sadly too often the same scenario can be seen in people’s everyday lives. Those on the outside can see the choices that their peers, friends and family are making will head them toward certain disaster. Just like watching the suspense movies, we want to yell (and sometimes we do), “Stop! Don’t do it!” Yet despite the obvious, people go-ahead and walk into where trouble is certain to be lurking.

Before we start shaking our head in pity at those we have seen do this we should hit the pause button and look at our own lives. As we turn the cameras from our friends and focus on our own reality show we find that each have been guilty of consciously making decisions that lead to unwelcome consequences.

“Sensible people foresee trouble and hide [from it], but gullible people go ahead and suffer [the consequence]” (Proverbs 22:3).

While we all would like to think we are always “sensible” the truth is we aren’t. Whether it’s eating an extra portion of food knowing it is going work against our goal of losing weight or telling a partial truth knowing the truth will always comes out, we are all guilty of ignoring the truth of our actions at some time or another.

More times than not, we ignore thinking about the negative outcomes of our choices because we are enjoying what we are doing. We don’t ask for advice, help and do not want anyone to tell us that what we are doing will have consequences because what we are doing feels good either emotionally or physically. You and I know the feelings of regret are going to hit, yet we keep moving forward hoping that if we ignore the truth we will somehow be exempt from the consequences.

Question is what do we do? How can we overcome these temptations that are obvious weaknesses in our lives? Is there a way you and I can make the right decisions to avoid opening up the door to the trouble that is lurking around the corner?

Let’s take a few lessons from those good-ole suspense movies to see if we can’t find a way to avoid the trouble on the horizon and realize the wonderful dreams in our life.



  • When a person is backing up in a darkened room we can almost be guaranteed they will back into trouble! When you  and I are looking at what we “want” to do, or as the theme on the old show “Laugh-in” said, “If it feels good do it!”, we are walking backwards and can be assured we will back into something bad. God placed eyes on the front of our head so we could look forward, so we could be sensible in our decisions. Forward thinking requires forward looking.


  • To think forward we have to ask ourselves if the choices we are making will have a positive effect on our future or will it take away. If we truly value life and what we have been given we won’t take a chance that anything will take away or jeopardize what we want to experience in life. Should we live with every choice we make being weighed against what we want in life? Yes!




  • Watch any suspense movie where the pursued victim is separated from others we know they are headed toward trouble.
  • When we try to stand alone in life against our weaknesses we are just like the unsuspecting victims in the movies; just waiting to be taken down by our enemy. In order to get to safety you and I must join hands with others to insure getting through the dark safely. When we find ourselves keeping secrets or surrounding ourselves with people who tell us what we want to hear, we have separated ourselves from safety. Find one or two close people who will lovingly hold you  accountable and walk along beside you in a nonjudgmental way and your chances of avoiding trouble  is likely.




  • When the medicine cabinet is closed, and the victim is expecting to see themselves in the mirror, there is always an unwelcome surprise in the reflection!  What do you see when you look in the mirror?
  • Is the reflection what you expect or is there something less than desirable? When we look at the reflection of ourselves we should find someone who has value. What are you worth? What is your future worth? Sensible reflections come with understanding that any decision we make can either add or take away from our value. Mom, Dad, brother, sister, boss, and friend are all names we hold. Each of us has people who find value in who we are; there are those who look up to and are watching you and I walk this journey of life. Always remember, you are worth making the right choice.




  • Can you predict what is going to happen in most suspense movies? Most assuredly you can! The music and the actions leading up to the climax you can be assured something huge is around the corner that is going to make your heart jump out of your skin!
  • The same is true for our lives. There are patterns that lead us to making certain decisions. In order to avoid making choices we know will have a negative effect on our future we must learn to identify our patterns. For the person trying to stop drinking, it is a good idea not to visit his buddies down at the bar after work. Trying to get a handle on overspending? Looking through the sales magazines every Sunday knowing it leads to feeding the desire to go shopping is not a sensible decision.
  • Learn your patterns and trouble becomes predictable. Predicted is the same as “Foreseeing” and when you foresee you can “hide”, or walk-away from trouble.

In suspense movies the casted star is the hero that saves the day. Did you know that YOU are the star of your life? The script for your life is written specifically for you. Your gifts, personality and passions were given specifically for a purpose that only you can fill.

Live with purpose…Live with passion…Live by making choices that fuel your future!



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