Mason KissIf you were a rocker in the 70’s you probably well know the band KISS. I used to rock the house with their songs when my parents were away and when cruising down the road you couldn’t hear my six cylinder car valves tapping, but you could not ignore the screaming guitars coming through the rattling windows. One of my favorite songs by KISS was, “Shout it out loud!” All the kids loved to sing the chorus as loud as they could while waving their hands in the air. Quite honestly though, probably very few of us knew the lyrics or what we were truly shouting out loud about, but the energy of the tunes just drove us young people to shout it out loud even if we didn’t know what “it” was.

In our marriages we should make the KISS chorus Shout It Out Loud our theme. However instead of not knowing why we are shouting, we should be very in tune with why, and what we are shouting. The lyrics that go along with the rocking chorus should be centered on our love and appreciation for our spouse.

Expressing appreciation for our spouse on a regular basis is important. Words of affirmation are needed in order to strengthen and grow the relationship. Confirming our love verbally builds trust that reciprocates even more love between the two individuals. Whether it is paying bills, providing for the house, raising children or simply taking the trash to the street, it is imperative to recognize and express thankfulness for each and everything the other does.

Shouting It Out Loud though takes matters to an entirely new level. It is one thing to tell someone in private they are appreciated, but when those words are expressed in a public forum it is like putting love on steroids! Tell the ladies at church how wonderful your man is, watch his chest swell up and a smile enter his face. Introduce your wife as, “your beautiful lady” to the guys at the shop, you will see her melt. Take to social media to post how great your spouse is, how much you love and appreciate them telling the world how thankful God placed him or her in your life, and see what happens.

There is even a Biblical concept around this in that God tells us that if we don’t profess our love for Christ publicly that we do not truly have a relationship with Him, but it is only if and when we go public that the relationship is sealed and real (Matthew 10:32-33). Since our marriage is an image of our relationship with Christ wouldn’t it stand to reason the same is true of us?

 Yes, buying flowers, writing cards and even face to face expressions of love and appreciation are important and should never be neglected. However if you want to take your relationship deeper, stronger and grow more in love than ever, start going public today. At work, church, with friends, on social media, or wherever you and your spouse interact outside of your private space. Seek every opportunity to tell everyone just how much you love your spouse. Shout It! Shout It Out Loud!

How do you tell the world you love and appreciate your spouse?

If you try it, let me know what you discovered in the comments below.


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