Anyone who runs a production line, auto repair shop or any other type of business that requires machinery will tell you that preventative maintenance is always cheaper than repairing things after they are broken. A $40 oil change is cheaper than a $4000 engine, stopping to put air in a tire is far less expensive than a wrecker bill and new ti…re, and even a costly $900 timing belt replacement is still far less than an engine replacement. Even though we know this to be true we sometimes convince ourselves that we can’t afford the maintenance, roll the dice and hope nothing happens. Inevitably though something always happens because once we roll the dice and nothing breaks, we continue to take chance after chance until everything falls apart! While this is true with our mechanical contraptions, it is also true for our lives. We know that we should have boundaries, things we should or should not do because they are destructive to our goals, dreams and sometimes life, yet we roll the dice hoping nothing will happen. We continue this type of behavior for so long it becomes a part of who we are and to do anything else seems foreign. Then one day things start to fall apart and the snowball effect begins to happen. It is at that point we find ourselves saying things like, “When it rains it pours” or “Why does everything seem to fall apart at one time?” Or worse we sing the song of regret asking ourselves why we ignored doing what we knew was right. What type of Preventative Maintenance have you been ignoring; Healthy eating, Exercise, Financial Budgets, Relationships, Work Ethics, or Spiritual commitments? Are you setting aside what you know you should be doing, rolling the dice day-in and day-out? Do you hear the click-clack of life’s engine breaking down yet continuing to drive down the road as if nothing is happening? Why not make a change today? Make a list of things in your life that need some Preventative Maintenance conducted and what that maintenance will look like in order to avoid a disaster down the road. Put a date on each item and work to a deadline seeing each one to completion. Cross each item off the list and enjoy the sense of accomplishment! Remind yourself daily that prevention may cost time and maybe even friendships, but this is your dream and it is worth it. You are worth it. Living the dream takes work and does not happen by accident. Live your dream with purpose! Merry Christmas!

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