OPEN UP A CAN! Moving forward when life gets you down

I love watching old cartoons. Road Runner, Mickey Mouse and Speed Racer were some of my favorites that are still worth getting up early on a Saturday morning to watch.

This morning I was up super early (4 a.m. early!) and caught one of my favorites, Popeye the Sailor Man! Poor old Popeye; here is a guy going around doing the right things, not saying much yet somehow always seems to get in a predicament. If it’s not Bluto trying to swoop away Olive Oyl, it’s some other situation that leaves Popeye emotionally and physically defeated.

Ahh, but then there is that good old can of spinach! From somewhere, somehow that little green can comes rolling within reach and this is where Popeye finds his energy to bounce back! Muscles pop out, whistles blow and bodies are flying as Popeye saves the day!

How many times have you wished there were  something like a can of spinach in your life? I know I have! We all get in those situations when we are just trying to do the right thing, minding our own business, yet someone or something comes along trying to swoop something from us.

At work someone has told an untruth about you and no matter what you say, the boss now has a poor perception that you can’t change. A deadline has been set and you know it can’t be met, but still you’ll have answer the mail. Some are in a job they hate; stuck because they have to pay the bills, but have no idea how to get out to a career they enjoy.

Maybe in your personal life a relationship went south unexpectedly or the bills are getting away from you. Or perhaps your weight and health are out of control; you try to get back on track, but nothing seems to work.

If only there was that can of spinach! Something that could reenergize; give that power to fight back, stand-up or take some risk. We have all needed that something to snap us out of a funk. A magic wand that will help us to no longer be so consumed with our troubles.

Today I wanted to share a few things that might serve as a can of spinach when we find ourselves overwhelmed with life or in a situation. There is no easy solution, but trying to stick to a few of these basics can help us find the strength and energy we need to get unstuck and moving forward.

  • Stick to the Truth
    • Never embellish or bend the truth to strengthen your story; the truth is always strong enough to stand by itself
    • Maintain your integrity


  • Find Encouragers
    • Who do you know that is positive? That certain someone who always sees the silver lining?
    • This is the people you need to surround yourself with 24/7
    • Find those who have the gift of seeing the positives, even if you aren’t in the mood to hear them at the moment


  • Seek Counselors
    • Who in your circle of friends can give unbiased advice?
    • Find someone who will be honest with you; who will give you sound counsel on how to move forward and resolve the situation
    • Remember, you are not looking for someone to agree with you; you need someone who will give undiluted truth 


  • Positive Intake
    • If your dog just died, don’t go home and watch the movie “Marley and Me.”
    • Read books or watch movies that are positives; things that will put you in a good mood or make you laugh
    • Footnote: Airing your feelings on Facebook is NOT a positive outlet! In fact this type of behavior has a negative affect; it’s just another form of wallowing in self-pity and continues the spiral downward


  • Stay Active
    • Depression and being overwhelmed sets in when we sit and ponder our situation.
    • Get out and find a way to be physically and mentally active.
    • Socialize with friends; sports, shopping or even a walk will do wonders for staying out of a funk.


  • Continue the Course
    • Never quit or give up!
    • Keep doing the right things
    • Confront your situation head-on; don’t avoid
    • Just because there has been a glitch, don’t try to turn a hiccup into a full cardiac-arrest!
    • You’re not done, the dream and journey continues…press on
    • Victory is only experienced by those who are willing to press through challenges and setbacks

No matter what situation you find yourself in always remember there is a way out. In fact, sometimes roadblocks are not negatives, but directions to a new and better place.

How do you get through tough moments? I’d love to hear from you!

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