I remember several years ago hearing about an elderly man who had passed away. He lived most of his life in near poverty conditions; a rundown house, poorly running vehicle and very little to his name.

After this gentleman’s funeral his relatives were task to clean up his house and belongings. During their effort they made an interesting discovery that shocked everyone. Within his mattress box springs there was a tear and when they went to move his bed green bills came falling out. They reached into the hole and began pulling out hands full of money. 20’s, 50’s and 100 dollar bills! As they continued moving his belongings they found even more money hidden away in the house. There was money in boxes, the walls and drawers. There was hundreds of thousands dollars stuffed away; something the man must have been doing for years.

He lived in poverty most of his adult life, yet went to sleep every evening on riches few could only dream of.

When we hear stories like this the first thought is how in the world would someone live like that? Why would a person having the ability to live in comfort and experience life to the fullest choose to live secluded and impoverished?

While stories like this leave us scratching our heads, have you ever given thought to the fact that many are living life the same as the man in this story? Perhaps even you and me?

No. There isn’t a mattress or walls stuffed with hundred dollar bills, but there is something much more valuable tucked away in the walls of our lives. Those jewels are our dreams, talents, gifts and experiences!

In the recesses of our lives hides treasures that we have accumulated at various stops in our lives. It began when we were children; we just didn’t realize that each location life took us that we were stuffing away treasures. That high school play began a desire to perform. The Lemon-aid stand struck a passion to be an entrepreneur. Perhaps the love for animals as a young girl placed in your heart a desire to become a veterinarian.

Then later in life there were jobs that weren’t the best, but if you look closely they provided the opportunity to pick up a few skills. An administrative position helped you to become organized or at the church you were given the opportunity to lead a mission trip that helped develop leadership skills.

Throughout our lives we have all made stops at different places. Some were perhaps more pleasant than others, but if we take the time to look back we find that we walked away with some kind of treasure; patience, leadership, a passion, a lesson, or perhaps even mistakes that we know how to avoid.

The problem is, that just like the old man, we go to sleep every night on our treasures instead of investing them in our dreams.

Have you ever taken the time to reach in the walls of your life to see just how many valuable experiences have been hidden away? What about turning your mattress upside down and looking at the dreams that were once alive and you now just go to sleep on? What assets do you have that could be leveraged to lead you to leap out of bed in the morning and put a skip in your step during the day?

You have treasures in your life! You’re dreams and passions can be experienced. It’s just a matter of bringing out what has been stored away and starting the process of investing.

What are your dreams? How has life equipped you to be successful in living your passion out?

Reignite your dreams by bringing out those valuables that were given to you to experience life beyond your wildest dreams today. Believe in yourself and it will become a reality.


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