Busting Blocks in 2018

Have you ever trained in some form of martial arts? If so you know that to become successful it takes a lot of discipline.

I have always been amused to see someone first start out in martial arts training. Nearly every new student comes in with excitement and eagerness to learn how to break a board with a roundhouse kick and break cement blocks to dust with their hand.

As you might imagine it isn’t long before the student becomes discouraged. The training, especially in the beginning is anything but exciting. It is mundane, repetitive and could be considered boring. 1-2-3 motions repeated over and over with few of them being correctly done. The Sensei constantly corrects each movement until perfection is achieved which seems to be impossible in the student’s eyes.

We can be much the same in our daily lives. There is a desire to become the best at what we do, we want to achieve a goal, or go a new path; however the discipline it takes become the roadblocks. We therefore abandon the dream and ultimately miss the opportunities to have block-busting experiences in life.

There are three areas in life that must maintain a balance throughout our journey. Mind, Body & Spirit. So what might the basics for each of these be? While the basics may look a little different for each person, the elements are fairly close to the same.

➢ Teachable/Open
➢ Read/Learn
➢ Teach/Share

➢ Nutrition
➢ Exercise
➢ Obedience

➢ Relationship/God
➢ Relationship/Likeminded
➢ Relationship/Shared

If you read these and a few bullets strike some curiosity, good! I was successful. That is exactly what I had hoped for because I want us to take a look at a few things a little differently than the million other help books on the shelves (or internet) on how to be successful.

Success is not achieved nor is it sustained through spectacular feats. It is the repetitive, mundane and disciplined basics that few want to endure that will take us to astonishing new heights.

Join me in the weeks ahead as I break the basics down as we go into the New Year. I believe we will all grow, and if applied will regain lost ground as our lives gain traction toward the things dreamed of.

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Robert & his wife Lauri are a certified Life Skills Coaches. Robert has been coaching and mentoring individuals for more than 25 years helping them to experience their fullest potential in life. To contact Robert and find out about virtual coaching email info@coachrobertsimmons.com

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