IMG_1668“I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.” Is 42:16

Careers are not always an easy path. We are asked to do things we have not done; go places we have never been; achieve what’s has never been achieved and to go against those who seek to keep us from all that we aspire to do. One sign of weakness and the boss doubt your abilities while adversaries take every opportunity to use it for your destruction. A simple oversight or mistake can be turned into a mountain of loose boulders shifting beneath the feet of each step threatening to crush you beneath a rolling avalanche.


When we can’t see what is ahead, are not sure how to approach a new project or are attacked by forces beyond our control we as believers can find comfort in that our destiny has a guide who will help navigate and clear obstacles, some of which we never see.


When faced with challenges, whether they are things that exceed your current capabilities/experience or that are beyond your control, one can breathe a sigh of relief in that God has made us a promise to guide and smooth our path of obstacles and debris.


When things at work get rough, when you have no idea how you are going to achieve the task that is set before you, when that person who wants to taint your reputation and undermine your achievements comes along, have peace that God is in control. He sees what is ahead and has already fought the battle. All we have to do is trust and watch Him work in our lives.

what challenges do you face that need to be handed over to Him?



Experienced motorcycle riders learn early on that it is important to keep your eyes on the road. It only takes a second of looking away for the bike to drift off into some unwanted terrain. Going through curves is perhaps one of the trickiest aspects of riding for some. Knowing how far to lean, where to push and pull the handlebars and heaven help you if you have a passenger! Most riders who have lost control have done so because they fell victim to a mis-negotiated curve.


If you want to master riding, especially a curve the first thing all riders know is to look where you want to go. In other words, when going through a curve, turn your head and eyes to focus on the exit (end) of the curve. If you do it’s like magic. The bike goes where you are looking!


However on the flipside, if you look anywhere else, that is where you will end up. Look at the ditch; you’ll be off-roading. Glance at a tree, and you’ll be picking bark out of your mouth. Always, no matter the road conditions, the vehicles surrounding you or the fear of the obstacles along the path, keep your eyes and head focused on where you want the bike to go.


The same is true for us in life. We have gifts, goals and aspirations; however distractions come. We don’t always see our way to the mark. Finances don’t seem to support the dream. Bad leaders step in our path threatening to ruin all we have worked for. Larger companies with bigger budgets do what we want to do and do it bigger, better and louder. The big deal that was going to take the business over the top falls through. You have ideas but can never seem to get much further than the shower where they were birthed. They come in many different forms, but they are the same. They are all distractions that catch our eyes and brain.




We went directly where we didn’t want to go because we stopped looking at where we wanted to go.


What is the goal you are focusing on?  Have you begun to look at the obstacles instead of where you want to be? Where is your ride going? Probably wherever you are focused.


How do we stay focused when there are so many distractions? It has to be purposeful and requires training your brain. The motorcycle rider who flows through the curves as smoothly as a quiet brook flowing down a mountain, has trained his mind and eyes over time. He or she has gone through curve after curve; perhaps has even had a few tumbles in the process of learning. Their ability is a learned behavior as they are able to only glance at the obstacles and are able to hone in on where they want the machine they ride to go.


Tips for navigating curves:


  • Know where you want to go
    • Write down your goals
    • Ask yourself, “What do these goals look like?”
    • Describe them in writing and read them daily


  • Glance at the obstacles
    • It’s important to know what your obstacles are; identify them
    • Once you have acknowledge them, get focused back on your goal
    • Slowly you’ll be able to only see things in your path at a glance


  • Have symbols that you can literally focus on
    • Photos, trophies, quotes and other types of reminders placed strategically can help you stay focused
    • Affix your eyes and mind on these physical reminders throughout each day


  • Teach those riding with you to lean
    • Teach those going through the curves with you how to ride
    • Share the vision; teach them to ride and lean with you
    • It’s just as important for your rider to know how to navigate the roads as it is you


  • If you end up in a ditch, get back on immediately
    • All riders know the importance of getting back on the bike as quickly as possible. If they don’t fear sets in and the likelihood of them riding again diminishes
    • Get back working on your goals; ride, ride, ride!
    • Never lose your love for riding
      • Loosing heart for what you dream for is not what you want. Keep your passion alive
      • Remember, God has gifted you for a special purpose
      • No one has ever discovered their place in life without a price; there will be some curves that get your attention, but that is the thrill of riding!


Keep your eyes on where you want to go and it’ll be like magic, you’ll end up right where you want to be