There is a Bible verse that teaches the wisdom in finding good counsel. Why is that? Mostly because we were never meant to go it alone. You and I are relational beings who need one another on many levels. One of those where we need one another is in collaborating our ideas and thoughts.


Social Media is a great example of our need for relationships and the sharing of our thoughts. Whether it is politics or where the best place to get burgers is located people are sharing their opinions to the point it has made Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg a billionaire! Just scroll through Facebook and you’ll find a large percentage of post are not about what’s happening in people’s lives, but more about their opinions and feelings.


Not only are there millions of people giving their opinion, they are asking it too. Click on Social Media any time of the day and you will find people asking who the best plumbers are in the area, who knows a good physician or where a good mechanic can be found. Something breaks in the house, no problem. Go out on your local media asking for a resolve and you’ll quickly receive a plethora of advice from people you may or may not know.


Asking and giving information is a natural act; however there are certain areas of our lives we are not always quite so open with. The inward struggles are something we don’t want the world to see. It’s not just things like addictions either that we keep close to our chest.


We keep our fears, weaknesses, dreams and ideas to ourselves.


No one wants to expose the things they are afraid of because in our society fear is often perceived as a weakness. Our dreams are also suppressed simply because there is a fear of failure or that people will laugh at our insane dreams and ideas. The truth is all the information that we suppress is what most times will set us free if we would just let it out! The fears and weaknesses can be overcome; the dreams and ideas realized…when we unwrap them with someone trustworthy.


Think about any large successful business today. Imagine the first time the person who birthed the idea let the cat out of the bag in front of his or her colleagues. Do you think there might have been a snicker or two in the room? Probably so. Many of the millionaires and billionaires of today had no clue in the beginning their idea would blow up into such a huge success! BUT…because they had the guts to share their idea, the humility to get someone else’s advice, the wisdom to receive counsel and the courage to go out and try something that was bigger than them, they experienced something they never imagined possible!


THE PROBLEM often that lies before us is having that someone we can trust. Who is there that we can be fully open and honest with that won’t laugh, criticize, tear down or, if it is a business idea, won’t steal our idea?




These thoughts have led me to do something I rarely, if every do. Between now and the end of 2014 I am offering SINGLE COACHING SESSIONS where clients can simply talk, share ideas, or discuss whatever might be weighing them down.


I am adding to the 6 and 10-week packages normally offered for four months (these will still be offered) because I feel there is a need for people to talk and gain insights on ideas or challenges that might just be a matter of talking through them with someone. Whether it is a fear or weakness, business idea or a decision that needs to be made, nothing is off the table.


Not only am I offering single 50-minute sessions, but also I am discounting my rates to $49 per session!



We all need someone to talk to in life to bounce the ideas, deepest fears and daily frustrations. This is your chance to get what has been stirring around inside your mind out in the open.




Email me at robsiminc@yahoo.com with the words UNWRAP THE GIFT in the subject line. I’ll return your email with instructions on how to get your first discounted session.


This could be the first step in the direction you’ve always wanted to go. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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