If you are like me, you have been in business meetings with people who simply can’t listen. They cut people’s sentences off, talk over everyone and never really hear what is being said. Often times this behavior occurs with those who struggle with ADHD. The brain does not have the filter to pause and listen, the person does not want to lose his or her thought and they are constantly spewing out words.

This type of behavior can be devastating to a person’s career. They are often perceived as arrogant, not interested in other people’s ideas and are most often avoided at all cost. No matter how good or how much a person might know about their profession, having a reputation like this limits their ability to achieve the next level.

If this is you a simple tool you can use to help control your tongue is The Talking Pen.

When in meetings place your pen on the table in front of you. When other people are talking have your pen in your hand. As long as the pen is in your hand, do not talk, just listen. When the other person has stopped talking, place the pen on the table. This is your sign to talk. If someone interrupts your conversation don’t be rude, simply pick your pen up and stop talking until they are done. Having the pen in-hand is also helpful because it allows you to write down what the person is saying which can remind you of key points and lets the other person know you are truly interested in what is being communicated.

Leveraging The Talking Pen will not only help you develop good communication habits, but you will also find yourself gaining the respect of your peers and leadership. Listening is the most important communication tool a person can develop. When people know you are listening they are more apt to follow your vision.

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