I am sure most of you have taken a flight on an airplane at some point in your life. If you haven’t let me share with you about the safety brief that occurs at the onset of the flight.

A recording comes on asking for everyone to focus their attention on flight attendants strategically standing in the aisle. The recording continues as each attendant acts out the safety steps each one should take as a precaution or in case of an emergency.

“Fasten your seatbelt by placing the two silver sections together”

 HELP! If I’m sitting next to someone who doesn’t know how to connect a seatbelt I’m in trouble if there’s an emergency.

“Your seat cushion can be used as a flotation device.”

I’m not real sure, but I’m flying from Texas to Tennessee and we crash into any of body of water between here and there, I have a feeling I’ll just be able to walk out on the wings of the aircraft and get to shore!

“If you are seated next to an emergency exit please let the flight attendant know if you are physically unable to open the door.”

Question. How does anyone know if they are strong enough to open and chunk an aircraft door out of the way? Shouldn’t there be an area just before boarding where a Door-Chunking competition is held to see who can throw it the furthest? I say we test some strength before I have to depend on someone to get out of the way for me and my cushion to jump out in Fred’s Fishing Pond!

 “Should we have a loss of cabin pressure…”

The recording says, “…the oxygen mask will drop…” This is the part where I imagine most Christians have a moral dilemma when directed to, “…Place the yellow cup on your face before helping your child with theirs.”

What? Take care of “me” first? If we die in that pond because I couldn’t hold on to my seat cushion that could be used as a floatation device and the little old lady couldn’t throw the door far enough out of the way so  I banged  my head on it diving into Fred’s Pond…will God forgive me at the Pearly Gates for putting on my mask before my child! What kind of sick person would put me in such a situation!?

Of course thinking through the safety steps we all know why we should place the mask on our face (even if the bag isn’t expanded) first. It is extremely hard to help anyone if we ourselves are unconscious! Hello!



I was thinking about the oxygen mask scenario the other day when Dr. Davenport and I were talking about clients whose children struggle with ADD/ADHD. We have been finding that parents are willing to bring their children in for counseling and coaching to help in school and social settings; however these same parents, who often struggle with the exact same challenges with ADD/ADHD as their child, will not invest in counseling or coaching for themselves!


I had a client a couple of years ago who brought her son, a high school student, in for coaching. The young man was brilliant and talented; however he just wasn’t applying himself. He wouldn’t study, homework wasn’t important and school just wasn’t his thrill. Talk to him about music and playing in a band and the kid lit up like a Christmas tree; all of these extremely common for someone with ADD/ADHD.

When Mom came in with the son a bigger part of the problem became quite clear; she was throwing gasoline on her son’s challenges making them much worse than they had to be. Her words were demeaning and non-stop; in fact as I observed I do believe she breathed through her ears because I never saw her take a breath! The young man couldn’t get in a word edge wise and if he did, he was shot down before he could finish the sentence. A 50 minutes session consisted of her telling everyone what the problem was, how to fix it and life according to mom.

He was telling her he needed structure and schedules in order to be successful, but she thought she was too late in life to change. Making excuses for her own behaviors, she redirected the conversation to how her son was choosing to be a failure in life.

Mom was trying to put the oxygen mask on her son and not herself. She was unconscious to the fact her own ADHD was actually destroying her son’s chances to be successful.

Granted, our economy is uncertain so each of us is paying careful attention to where our pennies are being spent. For many in our current economy it is an emergency, so please direct your attention to the Flight Attendant and let me advice you to “place your mask on you first” by spending your money on YOU!


If YOU understand ADD/ADHD then:

  • You understand yourself better and can make the improvements needed to reduce stress
  • You understand your child and will be more patient & understanding
  • You know how to help your child when he/she gets stuck or off track
  • You can be a In-Home Coach for your family and there at the moment help is needed
  • You can be there for the long-haul with your child, not just through the school years
  • You save your family money as you develop a deeper understanding and learn strategies for success

Are you trying place the oxygen mask you your child first, thinking you’re helping him/her by ignoring your own need to breathe?

Let me encourage you to take a time-out to evaluate where you are investing your time and money. If you struggle with ADD/ADHD or if you don’t understand the ADD/ADHD mind and aren’t investing in improving, I want to beg you to do so soon. Your investment will bring a Return on Investment that will last a life time!


Bringing Out Your Best,




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