Ostrich Living & ADHD

Having been a person who once didn’t believe ADHD was real, believing it was just a matter of discipline, only later to discover just how wrong I was changed my perspective on a lot of things in life. It wasn’t until I made a choice to stop living like an ostrich, remove my head from the sand and open my mind to the reality that was in front of me, that I was able to help my son who struggled with ADHD.

Today I see many people who are just like I was back in those days. They have children struggling in school because of behavior or not remembering to do homework, professionally he or she has plateau in their career due to the inability to focus or finish task and those who just seem lost because life is just too overwhelming to get a grasp on. Many of those I witness with these behaviors will blame everything in the world to avoid considering they or their children might be ADHD.

Take it from someone who has traveled this road; nothing is more freeing than to open your eyes and find out that your child is not a trouble maker, they are not academically challenged or that you are not a loser or crazy. It is liberating to discover that there is a reason for everything and that there is a way to harness the energy, reign in the focus and leverage the creativity to grab traction in life.

What’s the first step if you think you or a loved one has ADHD? Take the time to get a diagnosis from a trained professional. There are a lot of self-assessments on line that you can take that might give you an idea if ADHD is a factor; however having a psychologist who specializes in ADHD is the first positive step to take. The cost is minimal and the ROI will be overwhelming.

After confirming ADHD the paths to success should be catered to your needs.  Every person is different so there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach. Some may need professional counseling to help place him or her on a new path, others (especially adults) can use an ADHD Coach, while yet some might be able to coach themselves through self-education.

Are you being an ostrich? Have your personal beliefs got in the way of reality? To experience brighter days we have to pull our head out of the darkness and into the light. Once we do we are able to run again and enjoy life to the fullest.





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