Imagine this. You are in the bedroom getting ready for work and your child comes into the room saying the water heater is leaking into the carpet. Since you are late for work and you don’t know a lot about water heaters you choose to ignore it and go on to work.

You get to work and tell your co-workers about the leaking heater and they express grave concern about not addressing the problem. “At least get a professional to come out to repair it” they suggest, but you choose that ignoring the problem is the best thing.

Let me ask, how long could you go on ignoring the problem? It would not be long before you’d be out of hot water and eventually there would come a moment of disaster when the problem could no longer be ignored. The house would flood and costly damage would occur; all which could have been avoided if you had taken care of the problem as soon as there were signs of a leak.

I know, doing something this dumb is very unlikely; however people are doing it every day. Instead of a water heater though, they are doing it with something much more precious, their children.

Even with the growing awareness of ADD/HD I am still seeing many parents refusing to admit its role in their child’s life. Many men believe it is just a matter of discipline and moms often feel as though something is “wrong” with their child if they are diagnosed. So, the parents continue to fight the uphill battle of little Johnny misbehaving at school, talking out of turn, forgetting his homework, making impulsive decisions and pretty much driving everyone crazy. Even though the frustration level is out of the roof, dad and mom ignore the possibilities of ADD/HD.

Additionally I am seeing another trend with the parents. Through the process of having their children diagnosed dad and/or mom realize they too are ADD/HD. For many though, the parents will get their children the help needed to manage ADD/HD; however they will not do anything to help themselves. Quite often the parents believe it is too late for them or that they have dealt with it so long in life that it doesn’t matter.

Ignoring ADD/HD in children or adults only makes things worse. A child who can’t help the restlessness, impulsiveness and finds it difficult to concentrate is only going to struggle more trying to meet up to the expectations of teachers and parents trying to force them into a behavior that is unachievable. The punishments the child receives for all of his or her undesireable behavior is only going to beat down the child and crush their self esteem. Trust me. Every adult I coach has to overcome emotional consequences of parents and teachers who tried to punish ADD/HD out of their lives! It just can’t be done. Sorry if you think it can.

Parents who are ADD/HD also need to address their own behaviors as well. If dad or mom is all over the, map, the house is unorganized, there is not a schedule and the same impulsiveness is going on, it is only going to make matters worse for everyone. If parents are not willing to do the work to change, then why would they expect their children to? It is like throwing gasoline on a fire every day and wondering why the flames keep burning.

Ignoring ADD/HD in either you or your child’s life is about like ignoring that leaking water heater. You might be able to avoid dealing with the mess for a little while, but eventually the little leak is going to be a full-blown gusher. When it blows it is going to do some serious damage. If the leak was taken care of early, the damage is minimal and life is good. Understanding and taking action with ADD/HD is imperative to avoiding a lot of stress and frustration in a person’s life.

If you or someone in your family struggles with ADD/HD or if you even suspect they are, take the time to get a diagnosis from a professional. Sure, it cost money, but what value do you place on your child’s future? What are you worth? Trust me; I speak to high school students, college students and professionals who are losing money because action was not taken; they can’t focus and are not able to move up further in the company because the inability to concentrate or making impulsive decisions. Even more valuable than money can be the loss of emotional confidence that is lost. Bottom line is that not taking action cost much more!

Take action today for a better tomorrow…YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN ARE WORTH IT!

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