Football players are some of the toughest in today’s sports. Fast, strong and aggressive describes the four quarters that is played in a week of the football season. By the end of each game someone has been injured due to the rough contact between the two teams who are determined to win the game.

Football is played in seasons and not as a year round sport, however could you imagine if it were! Could yo imagine the injuries that would occur? How long would the players last? Could their bodies hold up? Absolutely not!

The more adult ADD clients I speak with today  the more I hear them saying their ADD is getting worse. Clients express concern over things they once could compensate for or control, but now that they are older are finding it more difficult to deal with. Adult clients are finding it extremely frustrating as adults to deal with their ADD challenges. 

While I’m not aware of any studies confirming that ADD gets worse as a person gets older, I have proposed that the problem might not be ADD becoming worse, but the brain is simply just getting tired. The ADD brain is stuck in the “on” position 24/7. There isn’t any turning it off; the brain just keeps twirling and swirling; going from one thing to the next. No matter how much the person tries to turn it off, thoughts just keep bouncing around. It is like a football season that never ends and the brain just simply gets beat up, tired of fighting and therefore seems to be getting worse.

When we were younger we could fall down and bounce right back up, but as we get older there isn’t quite as much bounce. The same is true for our brains as it gets more aged and tired (and sometimes we don’t feel it because it is such a gradual process). The workarounds that once helped the ADD person push through to success  doesn’t work any longer leaving the person with ADD feeling overwhelmed and lost.

As adults with ADD it is extremely important to have tools that help automate your daily task. Planners, Schedulers, Automated Payments, Time Clocks and many other tools that help draw boundaries and keep a person focused are needed to be successful. Whether a business leader, stay-at-home parent or student, having tools in place to ensure schedules are met and important life events are not overlooked are of the utmost importance!

Don’t stay paralyzed and overwhelmed. Start moving. If you don’t know what to do get someone who can give an unbiased look into your situation and will help prioritize your next steps. Gain traction slowly with small steps and you’ll be surprised how soon you’ll be running a lightning speed again!

Coach Robert

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