ADHD = OPPORTUNITY (A Real Life Story)

As a professional ADHD Coach, Advisor & Mentor, I get to hear some of the greatest stories from clients and friends about how ADHD has enhanced their or someone they know, lives. Today I wanted to share with you a story from one of my Houston Texas friends, Virginia Knauff. I hope that her story will inspire others to see the positives of ADHD and how it adds value to life.


“I didn’t know much about ADD/HD, until my son was diagnosed at age 7, at which time I also learned that he got it from me; He is now 22. Upon this discovery I decided to read the book “Driven to Distraction” (Edward M. Hallowell, John J Ratey). With more research I found that there are so many actors, and even more famous creative people with AD/HD such as Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, & Einstein, so they say. It was then that I looked into private schools for my two, out of four children with AD/HD because they teach a different way.

Although growing up we didn’t have the luxury of being taught the best way for us to learn, it made us stronger in other areas as we learned to over compensate. I have become a Jack of many trades as I am on my 5th career. I probably would not have had 4 of the jobs without the associated gifts that came from having ADD/HD.

Personally, I think everyone is created with a purpose and individual gifts to pursue that purpose. I have always thought and lived, “Outside the Box”, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

There are several encouraging points I would like to highlight from Virginia’s story:

    • When Virginia’s son was diagnosed she didn’t go into denial, but instead learned all she could about ADD/HD. Her goal was to make her son (and other children) a success through education and application.


    • Because Virginia was open-minded she also opened the door of self-discovery. Understanding herself helped her to understand her children, which in turn allowed Virginia to look at life through her children’s eyes as they grew up.


    • Instead of complaining or making excuses Virginia looked for opportunities to help her children succeed. Private schooling is not always an option for everyone; however there are avenues for children in each school system to help those with ADD/HD. It takes time, work and sacrifice to research these opportunities, but as Virginia discovered, it was worth every ounce of energy.


    • Throughout Virginia’s story you can sense her positive attitude intertwined throughout every moment. She didn’t talk about the negatives, but instead found those who had leveraged their ADD/HD and made a difference in life. Whether with her children or her own career, Virginia found the good in everything.


    • Genuine appreciation is inspiring! Because of Virginia’s positive outlook on life it allowed her to be thankful for how God designed her and her family. Her outlook on life has without doubt inspired and encouraged many as she has gone through life’s journey.  


I would like to hear your story. How has ADD/HD had a positive influence on your or someone you know life? Leave your story below and be an encouragement to others.

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