2015 GOALS: MIND. At Leading Life Coaching & Leadership we are challenging everyone to make 2015 the year of FOCUS!  The challenge is to make a special effort to focus on the key areas that make a balanced life; Mind, Body and Spirit. Today I would like to give some thoughts about what improving the mind might look like.


When we first think about developing the mind what probably comes to mind is becoming more educated or developing skills within your career. While those are certainly plausible areas, there is so much more that could be considered in this area.



  • Are there things in your life causing stress? Perhaps trying to improve relieving events or situations that are causing this stress are areas that could stand some improvement. Organizing, Honey-do’s, staying up on household chores or purging that dreaded “junk drawer” are all ways to whittle away at the things causing stress in our lives!



  • Probably intertwined within the stress factor, money affects the way we function. If our money situation isn’t good, then life generally isn’t wonderful either. Taking steps to improve spending, budget or savings can have huge dividends on your quality of life.



  • Our relationships are critical to having a well-balanced life. Whether it is the friends you accompany yourself with, who you are dating or a spouse; there is always areas we can improve. Perhaps there are people who are sucking the life out of you; demanding your valuable time or are just not the right influences…it might be time to purge the friend list. If you haven’t given this much thought make your goal to do an evaluation of where your relationships are and then build upon that the next three months. No one ever complained about their spouse striving to be a better husband or wife!



  • Being a parent is no easy job. If we are not clicking on all cylinders it can be miserable for not only us, but for everyone around. Taking steps to grow in parenting skills is a great area that needs to always be growing.



I hope these provide some creative thought to areas you might want to improve in the area of your “mind” within the first three months of the new year. Follow the 3.5.15 CHALLENGE and it’ll be a simple process that you can build upon throughout the year.


You can do this. Make 2015 the year of FOCUS!

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