THE BODY: As you continue to focus on your Mind, Body and Spirit goals for 2015 let’s take a look at ways/ideas on the BODY.


Everyone knows the first couple of months of the New Year gyms will be full, Weight Watchers will have a huge volume increase of participants and exercise equipment sales will be off the charts. People across the world are committing to improve their body in some shape, form or fashion. The only problem is that in most cases within less than 12 weeks the gyms will be like ghost towns and the exercise equipment staged in the garage for the next garage sale.


As I have mentioned in previous post, the reason for this is mostly due to a lack of planning and setting unrealistic expectations. Joining a gym or signing up for a weight loss program is not a plan. Saying that you are going to lose weight is not a goal.  Being tired of where you’re at is not enough incentive for change.




The 3.5.15 CHALLENGE is about having a clear goal and five easy to achieve action steps that will eventually lead to the goal you want to achieve. Defining the goal is of the utmost importance. What is your goal?


  • Lose Weight

    • Most people will say they want to lose weight, but is losing weight the real problem or is a symptom of another?
    • Overweightness is a result of something else. It could be stress, habits, boredom or a number of other things.
    • Identifying the source of why a person is overweight is the first step


  • Weight: Stress

    • Your goal for “THE MIND” might work with this in that you want to reduce stress by finding the source. Once the source of the problem is known, then laying in the steps to begin reducing the stress can begin.
  • Weight: Poor Habits

    • Changing bad eating habits is like turning a Luxury Cruise Liner in the ocean; it’s a slow turn.
    • Perhaps making your three month goal is as simple as cutting out snacks after 6 PM, cutting down soft drinks to 1 instead of 3 or cooking 3 new healthy meals a week. Start small, adjust as needed then grow your plan.
  • Weight: Boredom

    • To quit something you should have something to replace it with. If there isn’t a replacement then it is much easier for the old habit to creep back.
    • Are you watching television and absentmindedly snacking away? Is there a bag of chips or candy at your work desk that you constantly whittle away at? Whatever you discover about what you’re doing when you are bored try to find something to replace the physical habit.
    • Replacements might be a rubber ball to squeeze or some kind of toy to fiddle with. Low sugar gum can be a great replacement. Keep a jar of gum and treat it like candy; chew and spit it out after a few minutes. Who cares if you go through a jar of gum a day, it is better than a bag of chips!
  • Exercise

    • 80% of maintaining a healthy weight/lifestyle is about the food we eat and how much. The other 20% is getting the correct amount of exercise.
    • Again, start your three-month goal small. Everyone is different which is the great part of the 3.5.15 plan; it is yours! For some a goal might be to go for a walk twice a week for three months; for others it’ll be attending a formal exercise class. Whatever it is make sure you have the time, energy and ability to accomplish it.


I hope I have given you a few ideas on what you might want to accomplish in the area of your goal addressing the body. The things that can be accomplished are limitless; it’s all about what is important to you!



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80% of maintaining a healthy weight/lifestyle is about the food we eat and how much. The other 20% is getting the correct amount of exercise.