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I Can Do It!

2021 Goals Coaching Program

Have you set goals for 2021? Have you struggled with your goals in the past? Would you like to add a little horsepower this year? Are you ready to go all the way? Do you need encouragement? Perhaps an outside perspective can help you achieve a breakthrough!

The I Can Do It program is what will take you across the finish line this year!

Overcome roadblocks, improve self-beliefs, stay on track and timelines, learn what works and how to adjust what doesn’t. Instead of waiting for things to spiral out of control and back to the same ole, same ole, receive immediate feedback that will help you stay on track!

How much is reaching your goal worth?

Do you have a business idea? Weight loss or health goal? Relationship? Budget and money management? Perhaps you want to improve something in your life like public speaking, writing or music? Maybe it is time for a career change.

No matter what your goal, know that You Can Do It!

We all need a little help. An outsider’s voice who believes in us. When the seeds of doubt sprout a coach, can weed eat them down with truth and reality!

It is your time!

What do you get in the I CAN DO IT program?


  • 12 Weeks of 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions

    • 50-minute sessions

    • Discuss goals, priorities and set clear plans

    • Learn how to experiment

    • Overcome roadblocks

    • Turn failures into learning moments

    • Sustain positive change

    • Learn how to self-coach

  • Three weekly email coaching touch points

    • Struggles happen and it helps to have a source of rescue in the moment

    • Each week participants will be able to email to receive encouragement or ideas for any challenges being experienced

    • Coach Robert will personally respond with coaching and mentoring to help get through the moment

  • Three additional weekly encouragement emails catered to your personal goals

    • Each week Coach Robert will send emails that are catered specifically to your goals

  • Six 911 calls

    • Stuff happens and Coach Robert understands that

    • Through the 12-week program six 911 calls will be available if needed

    • When things seem like they are falling apart having a coach available in the moment can make a difference and with these 911 calls (most coaches would never think of providing this service).

  • Discount for on-going coaching sessions

    • Participants will have the opportunity to receive discounts for other coaching programs

The Promise

I CAN DO IT participants will:

  • Learn what has kept them from reaching goals

  • Find tools and methods to overcome roadblocks

  • Overcome wrong beliefs and develop right behaviors

  • Become a person of action

  • Achieve what you thought was unachievable!

Participants can begin at any time, but program will not be offered for long. This program is built for those wanting 2021 to be different! It is for those who are ready to go and are serious!

I said “Serious” for a reason. I’m looking for those who are ready and are tired of playing around with what’s in their heart.

Are you ready? Are you ready to commit? Are you tired of playing games with yourself?

Then let’s get going!

The price for this 12-week program is $999 which is a smoking deal! No other coaching program to help participants reach their goals offers this much, especially at this price! With the 1:1 coaching, email and 911 opportunities participants receive more than 18 hours of coaching, consulting and mentoring!


Would you like a scholarship?

I love stories! I am looking for normal everyday people who have a story to tell! Why?

My future podcast will be hosting stories of incredible people with encouraging stories from entrepreneurs, personal achievements, overcoming life challenges or other inspirational life events.

Email me at ROBSIMINC@YAHOO.COM a short story and if you’re chosen, receive a scholarship for my I CAN DO IT! program worth $150 off! That means, if you’re selected you can take part in this 12-week program to reach your goals for only $849!!!

To apply just Direct Message Coach Robert Simmons on Facebook, Instagram or email ROBSIMINC@YAHOO.COM with subject line “I CAN DO IT!”


I believe in you and I want you to believe in you!

Let’s get started today! I can’t wait to partner with you!

Leading Life Coaching

Did you know that 80% of those who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and effective communication skills and 86% of companies stated they recouped over and above their investment in providing coaching for their teams?

To be a good team member, one has to have a good personal life as well. Robert and his team helps clients not only become great leaders in business, but also in their personal life by guiding them to be Leaders in all areas of their Life.

  • ADHD/Focus
  • Relationships/Marriage
  • Personal Goals

For more information on how coaching can help you email: Subject: Coach Me! 

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